Spring has surely Sprung

Glorious weather all day, and a reasonable breeze at times. Because that breeze changed direction every so often it was necessary to get the 3 heats of the 95 series done with as soon as possible. Even so it took an hour all up.

With 5 boats it was a good contest, but more would have been what it is all about. I guess it’s the playground restrictions on access now for some of you.

Here’s today’s results.

Round 6 Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1 Brian Ian H Colin Laurie
2 Brian Colin Ian H Graeme
3 Colin Brian Ian H Graham

Water level remains steady.


The playground is swiftly getting decked out with it’s landscaping although the eastern end is yet to show much progress, but I think it is mainly landscaping anyway.

The good news is, the boardwalk is being repaired over the next few days. Not all the planks are being replaced but hopefully they screw ‘em down properly this time, all of them. Too early yet to see the return of our hallowed seating but it is likely to go to the right of the boardwalk just on from our reserved space under the remaining gum tree.  I see electrical cabling coiled in place now, so I guess the BBQs are next.







Colin has had meaningful dialogue with the council officers regarding the opening day activities.  




Since it goes without saying that we both enjoy and appreciate having such a great venue for sailing on, we need to be ever mindful that as we are a totally informal, casual group, we need to maintain our presence firmly in the council’s mind if we are to continue to get some preferential consideration.

Come along to the Opening if only to be one of the group,  on the day.

While The Blog will not be able to take part I hope to get photos and some sort of report to paste up the Wednesday following the big day. send any to  PHOTOS  ,  please


It was interesting (as well as disappointing for some) to see a 95 get well and truly hooked around the western buoy. It took a long time to dislodge it as the breeze was not helping with some oomph! Regardless of how the buoy is moored, if you round it on an angle (heel) with the wind coming over the buoy towards you, the bulb will be able to hook itself around the pipe and if the breeze remains from the same quarter, you are in for  more lengthy wait. It has happened often enough and is in no way a reflection on the design and positioning of the buoys, it is just that we should all try to round any buoy with enough distance to avoid this happening. Going by past events, it seems it won’t be all that unusual. A few seconds gained by shaving the pipe could well mean many minutes getting under way again. In a race, you are simply going to be out of it.

Laurie reports that Crusoe is relatively weed free although there is the odd strand or two to be found after any amount of prolonged sailing. I for one will be getting up there next month, probably on a Thursday. Anyone interested in being advised in advance (will be weather dependent) just let me know. Other wise you can read all about it.  But why Crusoe? Simply because for a while we can, and so, why not?  Here’s a bit of video from 2015, see if you are in it and what boats by whom.  Seems we were high into distinctive boat colours, numbers etc. back then. Not so these days, it seems. Well, for some, that is. (Not you Charley!  or me.)

Not that it matters much, I guess, but the Blog will be on holidays for the next fortnight.


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  1. Received Facebook accounts of NSW df65 state champs. Noticed great majority were running A+ rigs. Indicates this may be the ongoing option for our group. It does add about $150 to the cost of participation (mast, booms, rigging and sails). This may or may not be an issue for some.
    Be interesting to get some feedback.

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