Affintys and 65s all over the place

We haven’t had an Affinity Day (as such ) before but since we now have a good number of them it seemed appropriate to give them the chorus line.  As 650s (Affinity, DF65 and variations) we had at least 13 this morning and most were on the water for the majority of races.

While the level is down even further (4 weeks I reckon and you’ll need to bring a bucketful of water, each, just to wet the boat. While everyone seemed to stay in the general course area (for once) the more known shallow areas were not tested, but come Wednesday next week with the Phantoms it may be a different story. I’ll start bringing the electric Laser launch along just in case, it can be fitted with a shorter keel and just act as a push tug.  But let’s just hope for a tropical downpour, or two.

There were 2 Maxi-65’s today, that is, DF65 with the A+ Rig. Noel had great success with his even if , once or twice, the heightened breeze muddled it around briefly. Brian also had his and both those boats raced in their own “class”. Seems the way to go since the advantage, particularly in lighter airs, would make it  a no-contest. We expect more to come along with time, I know of 3, maybe 4 already.

In regards to the Affinity sails that were under discussion lake-side today, they are only available from Kong Kong and the cost for a pair is close enough to $30 (Aust dollars). If you don’t know how, or are not able to order them yourself I’m happy to add whatever you want on my next order going over there. You can get the A sail only if you want, it works out about $A18 then. The reason for the interest is than when they are gone, they’re gone, like the boat itself.

Eric came along today and sailed his new Affinity in ideal conditions, and it was great to see him joining into racing in no time.  Eric’s Affinity is one of the last few available in the world a couple of months ago.

And who was literally scoring up the track today getting up front and staying there at times, Marg B. She was to be seen checking out the pro skippers for how they rig their boats, that’s the way to get the necessary knowledge.

It was interesting to see how orderly the large fleet tackled the course with some very windy blows adding some heightened tension to the racing. Sometimes the whole bunch going around a marker was like chooks around the feed bucket, but no feelings were harmed in the events.  You can expect to see this event every month from now on, but make no mistake about it being anything other than, primarily, a 650 mm  small boat day.

Here is the groupie photo, there’s two of them, for a good reason.

I brought just my Affinity , a radio and my camera case. As I was leaving I checked and yes, I had everything! Then Charlie burst my bubble by saying “You’d better take the Affinity  mate! (I was SURE it was loaded in the car, but.. )  

Strange, but nobody got onto me about the missing DF95 results in the last blog, hope it doesn’t mean some are just looking at the pictures. I did put them up later so maybe you did come along afterwards. Here they are again, anyway.




And wasn’t it just great weather??

Now Monday is Lasers and such, which means if you have  Laser, bring it so we have more than one or two, if you haven’t bring your LARGEST boat (which, if you only have an Affinity or such, bring it)


3 comments on “Affintys and 65s all over the place

  1. Great report, you get better every week, where will it end.
    Keep up the good work.
    A quick mention, Brian and the effort he puts in week after week.

  2. Thanks Roy, and I’l make sure Brian sees your comments, which I’m sure we all heartedly endorse.

  3. Great blog MEL. Hope to be back sailing soon.

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