Round One of the DF95 series kicks off

Or, crawls away, might be more descriptive of the morning. The breeze was moving around all over the place, but never much of it and not for long when it was. But the 7 contestants gave it their best and in truth it was more of a contest when conditions are steady, and the leaders stay pretty much that way.

It was good to see seven starters as there are a number yet to be able to take part so who knows what round 2 might produce. Speaking of numbers, the 4th place included this year is for 5 or more boats, so if only 4 then it’s left off for that round. And 4 starters are the minimum for a start, although the four may put it to a vote whether to proceed or postpone for another day.  The applies equally to the Phantom series. Both series will be sailed on a Wednesday in future and in the windward direction (or as close as can be ascertained.)

Here’s the results. Note that when a dead heat is declared for any position the aggregate points will be added then halved. Today it was between a possible third or fourth.
Sound complicated, well, just trust the starter.


As expected, the water is well down, it has even left the measure scale above the water level now. I’ll replace it with a longer one. Regardless, no boat became aground during sailing and we used the usual course, but the Phantoms and Lasers next week may find it a bit “whoops!”.

I did check Tom Thumb out on the way, but it is very low. Sailable, with gumboots,  but then Neangar will be like that for longer if need be.

Laurie turned up with his new DF95 (#88) which is great to see.  In case anybody wonders about where the numbers come from, it’s a personal choice and if it doesn’t clash with an earlier one, we’re happy, hey?

With just the seven of us it was a very lack back morning between races and as is the signature of our group, blokes yarning to each other between racing.


And it seems someone or the other is always heard muttering away to himself. (I think there is a medical term for it


Monday ids for Lasers and the likes. “likes”? what if I don’t like Lasers? (hard to imagine, I know the Ol’ Fella does.   ) then bring whatever else you “like”. But it usually means Budgies, and Sparrows and Seawinds and Ragazzas and most importantly YOU.  













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