First sailing event.. the biggest for the year.

Would have to be, hey?

As you will know if you were there. I wasn’t, due to organising treatment to get my month old injured shoulder working once again. Hopefully be right after tomorrow.

But I feel that the blog shouldn’t necessary stay silent just because I was not there, so I’ve checked out on what went on and you can read all about it here.

First up though.  Just like to wish all of you a great 2018 and hope to see you regularly, as you can, at our events.


Now, today’s news and Goss. (Seems more productive than when it’s just me.)

There were at least 13 + additional boats skippers along today which puts it well up with the most popular to date. Given the milder temperature and the lively, if somewhat gusty winds, so it ought to be.

Seems the Budgies decided to re-establish their dominance of the Big Boats Stakes as there were four there today, been a while since we’ve seen that. apparently the 95’s took the battle right up to the finish line.  Word has it that Alan made it “business as usual” and I’m sorry I didn’t see Hans being there before lunchtime   .  Barry enjoyed sailing his and claims it is the best medicine he has had these past few months..

The 95’s put on a good showing with Charlie Boy taking out two wins, and Dane did very well with his.  Scuttlebutt hints that there is a brand new #02 DF95 due to join in very soon.  Also, a rejuvenated #01, in time.

Ian had the Regazza out in top form and will now be the top Ragazza of the fleet (must be, Greg has sold his on to someone starting a new club in Mildura, I’m told).

Russ C had the remodelled Hurricane out as well for a trial sail, he may be looking for some additional lead. (I didn’t say anything about ‘pencil’!)

Good to see (On the Buses) Jeff back again although it seems his fleet has not liked the layoff and lack of operations.

The stay on over and after lunch also set a new year record, many staying on well into the arvo. That the BBQ is operational again (but no lights) certainly helps.

Brian had his Red Focus out for the big event and although it did well initially it came to a sorry state eventually when the rigging spat the dummy.

Our three intrepid Lady skippers were out and about today, be great to see at least a couple more in time.  

The receding water level is becoming a great concern, no saying why they are doing it or how far it will go down. Already there are the first difficulties in launching large boats off the boardwalk, next thing they will ground when sailing well out to the left side heading towards the top marker. Looking at advance weather it is going to be very warm, and no rain at all. Anyone got a large swimming pool?

Two very important things to be sure you know about it.


The new 2018 DF95 Trophy Series starts next Monday. Basically, it will be sailed as last year with the starboard rule in force as well as a 360 penalty if anyone jumps the start. So, there is no repeat of misunderstanding, either I or a delegated person will be right behind the rod to marker post and their ruling is to be immediate, and without debate. Like the AFL, you don’t have to agree, you just go along with it.

There will be 4 placings noted this series, and the number of boats in each heat which now has the 4thmerit” placing.  Racing starts at 10 am, with a 95 only fleet in 3 heats, sailed by 11 am as to the discretion of the race controller. All heats will be sailed in the same direction.  It was good to see skippers sailing seriously enough so that tour usual good-natured banter was held until after the race was over.

There will be one round per month, or three heats, as before. This is a 12-month series, so plenty of opportunity to take part, even if only occasionally.

Two.. Then there is the exact same conditions and rules for the Phantoms. We have many those, so we should see some good turn ups. But be assured, you don’t have to be a gung-ho skipper to take part, just a proud Phanny owner. 

A final request. If I’m not at a sailing and you can send me just even just 3 or 4 photos it will help keep the blog attractive. But I must them by 7 pm that evening as I endeavour to get the blog out on the same day of sailing, as you know.

Oh, yes, thanks to those who commented favourably on the Yearbook, you all made that possible. 

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  1. Hi, Had I know you would not be there yesterday I would have taken my camera along. If possible give me some prior notice.

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