Best ever break-up day sailing

Well, for many of us. Around 15 in fact, well done!

For me it was an anticlimax, in ways, after promoting the event so earnestly in recent blogs.

If it been for losing internet+phone, irregularly but too often over the past two weeks I might have tried to change today’s 8am to midday visit by an NBN tech. I hoped it would only take an hour, but in fact it took three!  Is it fixed now? Seems to be, too early to call.

As a consequence I only got to Neangar at midday when the morning’s sailing was over , for lunch, and a few had already moved on. Then to find the electric BBQ was not working (and the other one fully in use by others) didn’t help my day any, as that was what I had.

Anyway, I got there, and so this blog will be shared.

First up I was more than happy to present Russell D with a much-deserved first place in the DF95 Perpetual Trophy Series for 2017. Russ really starred in all 5 race days and was followed not so distantly by Brian, with Dan taking third possie.  The trophy was a donation from Russ C who created it and was made appropriate with some computer printing. Each year it will be updated. (photo next blog)

Conditions were lively, and it would have been just the day for a DF95 series racing, or any other larger boat for that matter. There will be further news on series racing over the next week or so. If you have a Phantom, then now’s the time to tune ‘er up. Yes, Phantoms will be sailing their own Series starting Jan 2018.

As with other years many boats today were festively decorated but as usual Brian seems to have top honours for his. I didn’t see some earlier boats so apologies for those I may be overlooking.

The much-touted debut of Greg’s “Nell” and my “Anna” sloops were confounded by my not getting there in time to participate. But Greg did put on a good showing with his and, so you might see the two of them match racing sometime soon.

I took as many photos as I could although a few boats had left the building, so to speak, but to make up a bit I’ve made a cuppa and nutted out some of my infamous annotated photos for your amusement (or for some, horror, perhaps).










Even though there is only next Wednesday left in this years sailing calendar, you may expect to see a special edition of the blog closer to New Year’s Day.  Who knows, you may feature in it somewhere.