Where has all the water gone?

Well you may ask. It has dropped 4”/100mm since a week ago. Hard to see the Bowling green and lawns soaking up that much, it didn’t last summer.
However, I noticed some yellow spray lines along the shoreline from the reeds to the left of the boardwalk right up to where the gym starts. It may well be that they are lowering the water level, so the isthmus can be created out into the lake for the new super deluxe playground. If that is so (if not, why the yellow sectioning?) then we may well be up the creek with a paddle and no water, by new year. Need to have someone ring the council and ask on the groups behalf. Not me, I’m on their grizzle list.
And while there has always been good old Crusoe, not this summer, nor any in the foreseeable future. I was up there late last week and was amazed to see the weed as far reaching as it was in mid-summer last year. In fact, the only open  water we could sail in, no joke, is between the jetty and the pontoon. Only because the swimmers have kept that channel open.
I’ve no idea how Tom Thumb is faring, unless they top that up like two summers back we may well be in dire straits for a sailable water body. But early days yet. Maybe.
With only 6 boats to get started it was rather light on for excitement, with light to fickle conditions also no great help. In time Michael and Neil came along with their Wee Nips (sporting new, more powerful and faster winches [so watch out you 95s] they enjoyed the morning.

  (Wish I could do that with the Molly G ! )
My Affinity dropped a gear or two ,heavens knows how since it was not a hard sailing day at all, but it was an original, not the little blue one we all use as a replacement. Thanks to Brian and then Ian, recovery was effected, but e..v..e..r.. so slowly.
The Affinity hatch covers are on hand, they are transparent and cost $13. I’ll bring them Wednesday for those who have ordered, but there is at least one spare.
Wednesday looks like being amicable weather, for a change, and this year we are trying to make it our break-up celebration, sort of. Greg and I will be debuting our brand new, scratch built (means.. not a kit..far from it) Emma sloops which have been careful constructed to exactly the same specifications so we can actually match race them against each other. Those familiar with my Molly G will see a similarity of sorts, but only as they are all from the same designer. Greg and I would like to thank Russ C for the loan of his lead casting gear. Thanks mate!
Also on Wednesday we will have our first DF95 Perpetual Trophy award day. Also, thanks to Russ C for helping out with something better than I was looking at coming up with a trophy. Since we are not a club, the trophy is symbolic of how we do things, no big budget, actually NO budget. But it isn’t the packaging that matters so much as the fellowship of friendly competition.
I’ll talk more about our plans for for the new year with the 2018 structured racing (structured as in trying to do it a bit like the others, sort of) both with the DF95 and Phantoms. This will bring more of into the series racing, I’m sure.
Greg wishes to announce that he is looking to find a new home for his big Ragazza. Ian has one and together they look just great on the water ( the boats, not the skippers). Will be hard to find such a large boat, in as new condition, for just $250
With Monday being Boxing Day there will be no organised sailing. Next Wed is good to go, and will be the last chance to sail this year.