Final round for the 2017 DF95 perpetual series

With a good showing  of 7 boats and weather that at times was quite lively ,there were a good mixture of placegetters.

Here are the results.

Race 1   1st.  Dane  2nd. Graeme  3rd Russ D

Race 2   1st.  Russ D   2nd.  Brian   3rd.  Rob

Race 3   1st.  Russ D   2nd. Brian     3rd   Graeme

Next year’s series will be similar but with some changes in scoring, place getting and one or two other “interesting” things.

The series winners  will be announced and a trophy awarded on Wed 20th at our breakup.

In past years we haven’t really done anything much on that day but it’s about time we did. Since we don’t have any committee officers, or designated organisers as such, it is going to be as always, bring yourself and anything else that might make the day significant. If we don’t get at least 13 then I don’t think we are not really trying hard enough. I’ll be trying, very trying.  

The water level is still near full, so easy to get boats in and out. Keep in mind we wont have the facilities we are used to for long into  the new year, so make the best of them.

Before things really got going Laurie lost control of his Affinity and it slowly but surely headed for the far island. While there was very little breeze Graeme and I went after him and it was some time before I was able to get my 96 to nudge into and slowly, ever so slowly bring his boat the shore just down to the left of the boardwalk. There are  a few of us who have done this sort of thing over the years but it is really pleasing when you see it carried out so well.

Carole and Russ had a couple of their big boats along and they also revelled in the  conditions.