When BIG is small

?? What? 
Well, today was Big Boats Day and although it means a Biggie if you have one, as it turned out you would have been an exception rather than the rule.  It was really a small boat day as it shows here. But, I jest, not  at all serious, but just shows how bringing a boat other than the Boat of The Day can still be fun for everyone. There was fairly small turn out as I guess the weather was a bit off-putting, but if so then you missed out on some very nice sailing conditions indeed.

Pete from Ballarat (who not only brought his beautiful boats, but also typical Ballarat weather) showed off his latest acquisition, a Version 6. DF65. And bits and pieces that can go with it. He has sure sparked some lively interest in this latest version, we already have one in the group, one may wonder, now the Affinity is finished, what’s going to be the Fashion on the Waves 2018.

The main changes from the V5. is the DF95 type hull construction (thicker, firmware) 95 type front bumper and a completely redesign vang. The sails are also made to 95 materials and design. I could stand correction on some of this but generally that’s it.


Ah, well, says any of us, I can always go buy a Monsoon or a Phantom.

Not any more, sorry.. also, totally unavailable anywhere, except maybe second-hand. How do I know? Well, I’ve followed the Shunbo boats (Phantom, Monsoon, Legend, Surmount, Sailor ) since they first appeared on Hobby King about 9 years ago. As you may know, I (and Mike my son) produced a series of 4 eBooks that were specifically targeted at the  Shunbo range. So, I consequently kept up with who was selling them (Hobby King, basically) and changes in stock, prices and even some tarted up remakes.  Believe me, they are history. But since nobody in our group has bought even one new of them in at least two years, I think the newer, sail out of the box models like the Dragons sealed their doom. So, now, if you want anything other than a DF65/95 you either have to pay big bucks  or make your own.

The rain this weekend has brought Neangar up to within a few mm of totally full, so that’s great for sailing.

Neil and Michael, our two top Wee Nip Skipps (we only have three) have gone home to add their new secret weapon in their boats. So be warned, they will no longer give way to all ways!


Ever looked a something familiar yet seemingly hopelessly unlikely to even operate?


We’ll, this little gem (there is another like it, both works of Aussie Art) not only operates flawlessly over long sessions but is instrumental in being the winning overall radio of probably any in our group. I think you know who owns it  and so why I say  this, but it sometimes pays to look a little deeper than first impressions. In devices, boats, and  people.

Wednesday is the final round in the 2017 DF95 Series.  It starts at 10 am and will be concluded by 11 am. Don’t stay away because of it, it’s only 3 races out of maybe at least 20.


Here’s some action video of the handful of boats we had. as you can see they really revelled in the lively conditions. So did their skippers.