The Affinitys ruled the day

At least you might have expected to be so. We had a few but not many considering the 14 now in the group. One thing’s for sure, they won’t be any more.

As well as there were a few other smaller sized boats including a couple of Northwinds, Barry’s original and Greg’s newie. You can see them going at in the following video.

Good to see Barry being able to put in a solid morning’s sailing, best tonic on his shelf.

The wind was a bit iffy but rarely without substance, and occasionally some nice gusts to power things along. Again, the video will show these things.

The water level has dropped slightly even over just 2 days, but still heaps out there at this time.  They are predicting 70 ml over the weekend. that will surely fill the pond.  Feel for the poor grain  farmers.

Monday is Big Boats Day which means, in preference if you have varied sizes, but bring anything otherwise.


I had Molly out again, main;y so Barry could get on the sticks and see how she sails, ever so differently than anything else.. I also mounted two new video cameras (not new/new but not used much before) so you get two different views aboard Molly B.

The December calendar is revised since somehow, I overlooked the Wednesday following Boxing Day.