Rain, rain, lots of rain

But somehow, not much down the Neangar drain, it seems. I couldn’t believe what I saw, water level not much improved as before the storms yesterday.  But I even checked the Neangar overflow and it also is still 20 mm under the overflow level, much the same as previously. So, while some us got a lot, some got a bit, Neangar missed out on a fair bit.. But it is still near full so that’s a blessing.

Good turn out of all sorts to use the great conditions. Just enough at times to get things hiving along but overall, good .

I know I’ve been on a bit about the Affinity, but for those who heard enough,  good . But now, No More Stock. All gone. Finisto.  If you have one then you have a collectors item, treasure it.

But for those with one and who might like the idea of a drop-in rimmed hatch like the DF95, I’ll be getting a few within a week . Those of us with them all agree it’s well worth the $12  (cost about $15 if you order one direct) but usually sold out, it seems.

This is what mine looks like.  You run electrical tape around the seam to keep it in place and stop water getting in.

I only have 2 or 3 left, first in can get one.    Email  crusoemal@gmail.com

Wednesday is, aptly, Affinity Day but all that means is, if you have one, bring it. If you don’t, bring whatever you like.

Laurie had his new Affinity along today, as did Dane. They must have got the last two!!



Given the conditions it was no surprise that Noel sprinted ahead with his Budgie. We are supposed to have 6, where are the others?

Greg’s Northwind is setting a steady pace and is an amazing boat.


Michael’s Wee nip found the rocks easily enough while he was otherwise occupied (know the feeling??)





Here’s the December Calendar. Hope everyone gets along at least once. There are only 7 sailing days left for 2017.