For those with a Need for Speed

For those with a Need for Speed Today was the day to be out there. Mostly sunny it wasn’t cold, but you needed to be well rugged up against the chill factor.  The breeze was nicely up from the West during the morning but as the hours increased, so did the wind. It was not unusual to … Continue reading

Twelve DF95 Day

Twelve DF95’s is pretty darn good, considering the time of year. But there had been no frost and, for this time of year, mild with a light breeze and occasional sunshine, Overcast after lunch. A couple of Grandads had grandsons along, that is very good to see. Playground was screaming with the … Continue reading

Six Lasers Day

What a great revival for this popular boat of yesteryear. At one time we had 9 of them but some were sold away to make room for the new kids on the block, the Dragon 65 and 95. A welcome visit today from Pete from Ballarat should have made it seven, but he was on his way back from sailing 95’s … Continue reading